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About Us

memorable gifts made by Andreea Stoinescu
When I was in the clinic with my babies I received many beautiful flowers as they are a wonderful way to celebrate joy and happiness. I have also received very cute baby clothes. There was one gift that had lovely keepsakes all arranged in a pretty way. I remember it was such a joy to open it and discover what’s inside.

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How we start...

I started making baby clothes bouquets for my friends as a hobby and this is how Pastel came to life.
The arrangements borrow elements from floral design, which I started looking into while making the gifts. It is a wonderful journey that keeps on giving – learning the names of flowers and their significance led me into taking the first stage in a floristry course where I worked with fresh flowers and learned how to take care of plants.
The name Pastel comes from my favourite colours – pastels: dusty pinks, baby blues, mauves, soft ivories.

I invite you with me in this journey – allow me to create for you a beautiful gift to show your appreciation for your loved ones.