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What is the Best Gift for a New Baby in 2023? A Guide for New Parents and Gift Givers

Written by Andreea Stoinescu, published on 17.07.2023


Struggling to find the perfect gift for a baby shower or a new arrival in the family?

Choosing the perfect gift for a baby can be difficult with so many options available and could become hard to know where to start. The best gift for a baby does not have to be flashiest or the most expensive. It is essential to select a gift that is appropriate for the baby’s age and development stage, as well as to be safe and of high quality.

In this article we are going to share our top tips for choosing an appropriate gift for a baby and at the end will have plenty of ideas on how to choose a thoughtful gift and share your joy and excitement for the arrival of the little one with the new parents. So, let’s dive into the factors to consider when selecting the best gift for a baby.

Factors to consider when choosing a baby gift

  1. Learn the gender and age of the baby
  2. Choose practical and essential items 
  3. Include your thoughts and wishes on a card

Let’s explore these ideas that will help you make the right decision in choosing an appropriate baby gift and will make you look like an expert with your friends, even if you don’t have children. 

1. Learn the gender and age of the baby

Knowing the gender of the baby will be very helpful as it will make the selection of the gift easier and faster, however is not a must and is ok if you do not know the gender or if the parents have decided not to reveal it until the baby is born. If you don’t know the gender of the baby you can choose a unisex baby gift in neutral tones, such as beige, greens, greys or yellow, colors that are very suitable for either a baby boy or a baby girl. Choosing a bigger unisex baby gift can also be a suitable option when choosing a baby gift for twins or triplets. 

You should also consider the age and development stage of the baby when choosing a baby gift. Newborns have different needs than older babies, so it’s important to choose a gift that is appropriate for their age and stage. For example, a gift that is suitable for a newborn may not be appropriate for a six-month-old baby.

Consider the baby’s age and stage of development when selecting a gift. Newborns may benefit from items such as bottles, swaddles, blankets, or a baby carrier, while older babies may enjoy toys, books, or clothes. When in doubt, you could consider a baby gift with skincare products, which can be used also for a one-year-old baby. 

2. Choose practical and essential items

Practical baby gifts offer good value for money as they can be used for a longer period of time as well as it will help the baby learn as she explores the environment and grows. Things to consider when choosing a practical baby gift are: baby’s age, safety, brand reputation, durability, reviews and recommendations.

Safety should always be a top priority when selecting a baby gift. Make sure the gift meets safety standards and is free of any potential hazards. For example, avoid gifts with small parts that could be a choking hazard, and opt for toys that are made from non-toxic materials.

It’s also important to choose a gift of high quality that will last. Look for gifts made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. High-quality gifts not only ensure the baby’s safety but also show that you care about the family’s well-being.

Here are a few examples of practical and useful gifts that any parent will be grateful to receive:

  • A cuddly soft toy

Another excellent gift idea for a baby is a soft, cuddly stuffed animal. Babies love to snuggle with soft items, and a stuffed animal can provide comfort and security as well as help the baby develop their motor skills and cognitive abilities. Look for stuffed animals that are made of high-quality, non-toxic materials and are easy to clean. Some popular stuffed animal options include teddy bears, rabbits, and puppies. A great option is the Baby Boy Mustela Gift Box or the Baby Girl Gift Box that includes a soft teddy bear that follows the EU security standards for toys manufacturing and is environmental friendly being made from recycled plastic. 

  • A set of baby clothes

For a more practical gift, consider a set of baby clothes. Babies grow quickly and need a constant supply of new clothes, and parents will appreciate the help in stocking their baby’s wardrobe. Choose clothes that are made of soft, breathable fabrics and have snap or zipper closures for easy dressing and changing. Some popular options for baby clothes include onesies, pajamas, and rompers.

A great option is the Baby Girl Gift Box or the Little Prince Round Gift Box that includes baby clothes essentials, such as a bodysuit, bib, baby socks and shoulder towel, beautifully wrapped as flowers designed to look like a baby flower arrangement.

  • Baby skincare essentials

Including baby clean label or organic skincare essentials are items that parents will find useful, as well as diapers or baby wipes. Mustela baby products are one of the top preferred brand by new mums for Cyprus.

The Baby Boy Mustela Gift Box is the perfect gift for new parents of baby boys. This practical gift box includes a selection of Mustela organic products, an organic tea, and a soft teddy, making it an ideal present for a baby shower, christening, or as a maternity gift.

The Mustela products included in the gift box are suitable for babies from birth, making it a practical and safe option. The 2-in-1 cleaning gel is gentle on a baby’s delicate skin and is perfect for washing their hair and body. The baby wipes are essential for quick cleanups, and the diaper barrier cream helps prevent diaper rash, making it a must-have for any new parent.

The teddy adds a cute and cuddly touch to the gift box, making it a thoughtful and heartwarming present.

The gift box also includes a free card where you can print your wishes, which makes it an extra special touch to your gift.

The Baby Boy Mustela Gift Box is available for delivery to door all around Cyprus through ACS.

Overall, the Baby Boy Mustela Gift Box is a practical, meaningful and memorable gift for new parents of a baby boy and it is sure to put a smile on any receiving parents’ face.

  • A personalized and sentimental custom-made gift

For a more personal touch you can consider a custom-made personalized blanket or towel. Many companies offer personalized towels, baby blankets or bath robes that can be embroidered with the baby’s name or initials. You should consider also that personalized items tend to take longer to make and prepare and you should allow for extra time for delivery and preparation. This type of gift is not very suitable if you need a last-minute baby gift, however these gifts will be deeply appreciated, are very thoughtful and meaningful and will be cherished by the family for many years to come.

Personalized and sentimental gifts are a great way to show that you care about the baby and their family. Consider gifts that can be customized with the baby’s name or initials, such as a baby blanket or a onesie. Personalized gifts are not only thoughtful but also serve as a keepsake for the family to cherish for years to come.

Sentimental gifts such as teddy bears, flowers, or something thoughtful for the mother can also be meaningful and appreciated. These gifts show that you care about the family as a whole and are invested in their happiness.

Consider these factors when choosing a baby gift to ensure that your gift is thoughtful, appropriate, and well-received. In the next section, we’ll share our tip for where to go when looking for the best brand to buy gifts from.

The personalized baby boy gift is the perfect memorable gift for new parents of baby boys.

  • Something for the new mum and dad

A cute and thoughtful addition to your baby gift would be something for the new parents such as a baby and new mum and dad basket. Consider items such as a hand cream, stretch marks cream or a feet relief cream, a comforting tea, a book with encouraging quotes or even funny personalized items.

The Mom & Baby Girl Luxury Box by Pastel is the perfect gift for new moms and their baby girls. This luxurious box contains a range of high-quality products from Mustela, including their Organic Diaper Barrier Vitamin Cream, and 2-in-1 Organic Shower Gel, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for new moms.

The Mustela Diaper Barrier Vitamin Cream helps prevent diaper rash, and the 2-in-1 Shower Gel is gentle on the baby’s delicate skin, making it a must-have for any new mom.

In addition to the Mustela products, the gift box also includes a soft teddy suitable from birth adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the gift. The complementary gift card allows you to personalize your message and add a special touch to your gift.

The Mom & Baby Girl Luxury Box is an all-in-one gift that will make any new mom feel pampered and appreciated, while also providing practical items for their baby girl. This luxury box is an excellent choice for a baby shower, maternity gift, or as a present to welcome a new baby girl into the world.

Overall, the Mom & Baby Girl Luxury Box is a thoughtful, practical, and luxurious gift for new moms and their baby girls. With high-quality Mustela products, a soft teddy and a complementary gift card, this gift box is sure to be appreciated and cherished by the recipient.

3. Include your thoughts and greeting on a card

Lastly, remember to write your message and wishes for the family and their new bundle of joy, by adding a personal touch as parents tend to collect the cards as a keepsake to remember this important moment of their life.

Convenience is another important factor that you may want to consider when selecting your gift. Companies such as Pastel Gifts offers same day delivery straight to the parents door.

In conclusion, these are our top recommendations for choosing the best gift. Whatever gift you will choose, the baby and their family are sure to appreciate all the thought and care you took into selecting it.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for a new baby, you might want to consider Pastel Gifts, a brand created by Andreea, a mother of two boys who has turned her hobby into a business. Pastel offers beautifully arranged baby clothes, bouquets and other keepsakes that are perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby.

Inspired by the joy of receiving gifts when she was in the clinic with her own babies, Andreea started creating baby clothes bouquets as a hobby for her friends. She soon discovered a love for floral design and decided to take a floristry course to further develop her skills. This led to the birth of Pastel, which offers unique and creative gifts for new parents.

The name Pastel comes from Andreea’s favorite colors, which include dusty pinks, baby blues, mauves, and soft ivories. The brand’s offerings include a range gift boxes, all of which are thoughtfully arranged with a keen eye for detail. If you’re looking for a beautiful and meaningful gift for a new baby, consider checking out Pastel’s offerings.

All of Pastel’s gifts come beautifully wrapped with a complementary card, ready to be offered. The company also offer delivery all over Cyprus with ACS courier, so you can have the gift delivered directly to the parents’ door.

Conclusion – Finding the Perfect Baby Gift

Selecting the best gift for a baby requires thoughtful consideration of factors such as age, safety, quality, practicality, and personalization. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that the gift you will choose is appropriate and well-received. 

When it comes to choosing a gift for a baby, you also want to make sure it’s something that will be memorable, practical and useful for the parents. As parents themselves, Pastel Gifts offers a selection of beautifully packaged and unique gifts for babies that are sure to impress, they know what baby products are high on any new mum’s list, so you can trust that their gifts will be practical and thoughtful. Plus, with immediate availability and fast delivery straight to the new parents to door and maternities all over Cyprus, you can easily choose a last-minute baby gift without any worries. 

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